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It is time for you and other entrepreneurs like yourself to connect. Doing so will help you prosper, innovate and improve the world. Entrepreneur Meetup brings together many successful businessmen/women, motivated creatives and dreamers. Join now and learn to prosper!

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Don’t fail going solo!
Did you know that almost all of the successful entrepreneurs attribute their success to peers, mentors and partners?
Having connections allows you to generate business and to withstand sudden changes.
Reaching out to more experienced business owners gives you the opportunity to get advice.
Surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people helps you grow and thrive as a business owner.
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who you hang out with.

Surround yourself with the right people
As they say, the biggest influence on your personality is your peer group. If you want to be better at math, surround yourself with mathematicians. If you want to be more productive, hang out with productive people.

Would you rather…
Be with someone who is more successful than you or hang with your friend Rick that plays Call of Duty all day?
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Join the fastest growing tech and startup community in Los Angeles! Meet new people and participate in lively discussions with outstanding names in Silicon Beach.


Join Us For A Night Of Tech Networking At LA Studios! A networking event for professionals from entertainment, tech, social media, fashion and marketing. All influencers are welcome!
The Entrepreneur Meetup

The modern age is upon us and it is more true than ever that the world is in need of great leaders. And what is an entrepreneur but that? A great leader who is courageous enough to take control of their life and accomplish the unimaginable.

Entrepreneurs are special. They do not shy away from hard work or waste time. They take risks, think on their feet and transform turbulence into opportunity. Entrepreneurs are that by which the world turns abstract knowledge into something practical and useful.

We believe that it is time for you and other entrepreneurs like you to meet. Doing so will help you prosper, innovate and improve the world. Using our platform is a sure way to establish your network, share your experience and find your mentor.